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The best products provided by our company

We wanted to supply customers with an effective tooth powder that is safe for children even if swallowed accidentally and is even beneficial if swallowed in small quantities. After extensive research and testing, we have developed GIFTS charcoal, a natural “gift” for healthy teeth and a healthy lifestyle. Hospitals use activated charcoal is an antidote to absorb and remove toxins in patients who have accidentally ingested toxic chemicals. Please click this link to see several hundred related studies.
Our research indicates that GIFTS charcoal shows it is effective in absorbing toxins in the mouth. It is also safe if swallowed accidentally during oral cleaning.
The GIFTS Nano Charcoal founding story started with Pranav Chhaliyil's Science Fair project.

"A few years ago, when I was too lazy to brush my teeth in the morning, my dad had me spit into Petri dishes and look at them to see how much bacteria was in my mouth. I was shocked, and this sparked my interest in the importance of oral hygiene".
I began by investigating and proving evidence that bedtime oral brushing significantly reduces bacterial count in saliva (2014).
Tongue cleaning along with brushing was even more effective in reducing harmful bacteria (2015).
I accidentally discovered a novel technique, which I named the “GIFT Method” (cleaning of the Gums and teeth by rubbing using the index finger followed by tongue cleaning). This drastically reduced bacterial counts.
In addition, bedtime oral cleaning with activated nanoscale charcoal reduced bacterial counts significantly (2016).
The product was later developed into toothpaste, mouthwash, toothpowder and skin care products at Saaravida INC.